Is it safe to use a VPN?

Most people are familiar and have actually used VPNs. They are very advertised by most companies who want us to use their services giving them all the possible qualities and benefits. But, how safe is it to use a VPN? Is your privacy guaranteed or you exposing yourself to the world?

What are VPNs and how do they work?

Virtual Private Networks commonly known as VPN is a system of individual networks connecting to public networks, say the internet for example, or connects a group of people using a particular common service together. It uses virtual connections transmitted from a public network from the private network to the isolated site. Its purpose is to provide a trustable connection between an individual computer and the internet.

How does a VPN like HideMyAss work to enhance your security, reliability and expandability?


To enhance the security of the user, VPNs use encrypted data and will only allow valid remote access. They direct protocols through security inspection methods such as encrypting. If someone tries to access your data they will only see encrypted data not easily translatable. The system also detects whether a message sent over the VPN has been tampered with making it easier to correct mistakes before they escalate. Other ways you are protected from attackers include:

I. Internet protocol security (IPsec) which also works on the basis of encryption and capturing an IP packet which will be released at the end of the tunnel.

II. Transport layer security which works best where IPsec meets corners and will therefore connects even in the event of a firewall. This enhances your security even when the IPsec cannot perform.

III. Secure shell (SSH) which gives VPN users secure tunneling to an isolated connection to a network or many networks.

You can therefore relax as you are well secured. There are, however, no standards in setting VPNs and with the wrong connection, you risk being exposed. With the upping level of discoveries and crime, advances in security must be made.


The success of any product depends on its reliability; how well and when you can access it. The internet is accessible all time and you need not to worry of being late to transact a deal. Your time is valued.

You may have been operating a small business and now need to upgrade without losing any data. The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will expand your network ensuring you stay intact to your data. So, go on and try it out, and you will be protected.

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